Education is the Key to a Positive Birth Experience

San Diego HypnoBirthing

How much does the series cost?

Classes are $375 per couple for the 5 week series.

Care's classes are $525 per couple for the 5 week series.

When should I take the course?

That really depends on who your care provider is. The providers that support natural birth or whom deliver their own babies - allow you the luxury of taking classes later in your pregnancy.  If you are with one of those practices then plan on finishing up class by 37 weeks. Many of our families who are with big group practices or at hospitals with high c-sections rates, end up wanting to switch providers after what they learn in class or after asking detailed questions about how their chosen practice operates. It is easier to switch providers earlier rather than later. If you have questions about which Docs/Midwives are very popular with families, please don't hesitate to email us.  

Can I use the HypnoBirthing method in the hospital? 

About 90% of our families deliver in the hospital and use HypnoBirthing techniques for all types of birth(medicated, non-medicated and belly births). 

What if we miss a class?

All makeup classes are $100 and you will make arrangements for the makeup with your instructor. We encourage you to find a series where you will not miss a week - each class has so many tools that build on each other. You will want them all!

Can we attend sit in on a class with another series if we miss one?

Our class environment is very intimate. Parents become friends, share a lot of ideas and information with each other. In the effort to keep a safe space for everyone, we do not allow parents to float into classes they are not enrolled in. Thank you for understanding.

How does HypnoBirthing differ from other childbirth preparation methods?

Unlike other childbirth methods that teach you how to cope with and manage pain, HypnoBirthing is based on the premise that childbirth does not necessarily need to be painful if the mother is properly prepared and relaxed. When women understand that pain is caused by constrictor hormones, created by fear, they learn, instead, to release fear thus creating endorphins—the feel good hormones. They are then able to change their expectations of long, painful labor and are able to replace them with expectations of a more comfortable birthing.  Rather than exhausting, shallow breathing and the distraction techniques of typical “prepared childbirth” programs, HypnoBirthing parents learn deep abdominal breathing and total relaxation, enabling the laboring mother to work in harmony with her body and her baby. This allows her to achieve a shorter and more comfortable labor for herself and baby. Baby position has a lot to do with how comfortable mom can remain during labor - we go over this in class and encourage good posture and visualization to encourage baby to settle in.

How is the Birth Companion involved?

The Birth Companion of the mother’s choice is an integral part of the HypnoBirthing experience.  He or she practices with the mother in helping to prepare for deep relaxation. During labor the Birth Companion guides the laboring mother through prompts, relaxation techniques, deepening methods, and visualizations, provides comfort measures, and joins in welcoming the new baby, often by receiving the baby as she/he emerges.

Will I be unconscious or will I remember my birth experience?

Despite misconceptions and misinformation, you are definitely not unconscious during self-hypnosis. The HypnoBirthing mother is deeply relaxed, but she is also an active participant in the labor process.  Though she is deeply relaxed, she is totally aware and may return to a conversant state or choose to become mobile whenever she desires.  HypnoBirthing mothers often find that they experience time distortion and are not distracted by other people or their birthing environment, while they focus on their birthing and their baby.

Will HypnoBirthing be useful to me if I don't opt for a natural childbirth or if circumstances necessitate medical intervention or a surgical birth?

Absolutely. The things you will learn in your HypnoBirthing classes will help you to learn relaxation skills that will be useful to both you and your baby, regardless of your birth experience.  In the event that medical intervention of any sort is needed, you will find yourself better able to remain calm and in control.  Mothers who have needed scheduled cesareans for medical reasons report that they were totally relaxed before, during and after the procedure.  Many report that they needed little or no medication following the birth, and they were able to return to normal functioning in a very short period of time.

Is it true that I will experience a pain-free birth with HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing does not promise painless birthing, though many HypnoBirthing mothers do report having a relatively pain-free birth or one that they were able to manage easily.  When the cause of pain--fear that constricts the birthing muscles—is eliminated, birthing can be accomplished in a shorter period and much more comfortably. A relaxed mother’s body will produce more endorphins, nature’s own relaxants.  HypnoBirthing mothers may still experience sensations of tightening or pressure; but most describe their birth experience as working with their body through the sensations, and thus avoiding the excruciating pain that is frequently spoken of by women who choose other methods of preparation for birthing. Birthing can be described as intense pressure towards the end and through classroom prep - she then realizes she is almost done.

What if my doctor/midwife is not familiar with HypnoBirthing? Can I still use this method and how can my healthcare providers help me to achieve my HypnoBirthing goals?

More and more care providers are becoming aware of the benefits of HypnoBirthing. Many hospitals offer HypnoBirthing as an option in their childbirth education programs, and HypnoBirthing is now taught in some schools of medicine to student doctors.  If your care giver is not knowledgeable about HypnoBirthing, take the opportunity early in your pregnancy to discuss the techniques you will be using and the type of calm birthing environment that you desire.  In class, you will learn how to create a plan of Birth Preferences, which will help you to communicate your birthing goals and preferences to your doctor or midwife.  Also, your HypnoBirthing instructor can provide you with information specifically written for care providers that you can share to help them support you. There are several doctors and midwives that we know who welcome HypnoBirthing families and know just how to help you.