We are so happy to be teamed up with Best Start Birth Center, providing well trained doulas for parents! Doulas have been shown to shorten labor time, lower the need for medication and surgical births.  Mamas open up better in their home environment and with the support of a professional, both parents feel safer staying home longer. Now let's have a great birth!

Where to Start:

Once the form is received, please fill out this questionnairethat gives us a little background on your family so we can effectively match you with two-three doulas to interview. Please return as soon as you can.

Once you have selected a doula, you will meet with her to sign her contract and pay her fee. You will pay the doula directly.

You will then receive:
2-3 doulas to interview(depends on who is available for your date)

(2) home visits to discuss your birth ideas, help with birth preferences, go over comfort measures/birth positions and go over any resources you and your doula feel that you need.

On call service for 2 weeks before and after your "guess date"

Labor & birth support - home and at birth center

1-2 hrs post birth help

1 Postpartum visit to your home to ensure you have the right resources and go over your birth story with you. Doulas sometimes have more details about your birthing time to help fill in the gaps! 

What is required of you:
You will need to fill out an evaluation form that is required for the doula's certification process. The doula will give it to you after the birth to fill out. It takes seconds to do.

The BEC will then send you a quick evaluation form to share a few things about your experience. If you enjoyed your experience with your doula, we would love for you to YELP review her and give her a testimonial that she can use on her website. No names unless you wish. 

Please email any questions to:

Best Start Mamas

Education is the Key to a Positive Birth Experience

LOW COST Program:


San Diego HypnoBirthing

The LOW COST program is offered to Best Start parents only. The doulas in our low cost program are fully trained by a national or international organization first before they enter our program. 
They are working towards their certification by extended study and attending at least three births that count toward certification. Here are the requirements once they have signed on with the BEC(Birth Education Center) in order to become BEC Endorsed.

  • Attend first three classes in the Doula Finishing Series –      101, 102 & 103 (these classes extend the training already received with their training organization, giving them more skills and education than most new doulas)
  • Read Birth Partner & The Doula Book 
  • Partner up with a Mentor 
  • Attend a tour of Best Start with the Midwives/Nurses
  • Attend a Doula Circle
  • Attend a tour of (3) different hospitals
  • Attend a San Diego Birth Network Educational Lecture
  • Observe a complete childbirth education series
  • Attend one outside approved Professional Training(Spinning Babies, Rebozo, Anna Verwaal etc.)
  • Attend the final classes - Doula 104, VBAC for Doulas, Breastfeeding for Doulas, CPR, 105 when offered.

Our doulas take their education and training very seriously and want nothing more than to help you have the birth that you desire. Each doula also has a mentor, allowing her to learn even more from a seasoned doula. This is the most complete education your doula can attain in San Diego and we are thrilled to be able to share this service with you. 

The LOW COST doulas are $300 and are on a first come first served basis. We would ask that if you can afford to spend a little more than $300,  that you leave the LOW COST doulas available for families with smaller incomes so that everyone has the opportunity for a doula. We can still provide a matching service for you and are happy to do so - please click here...