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Education is the Key to a Positive Birth Experience

How to begin the process:

  • Read the bios and see who you'd like to meet with
  • Set up appointments with the doulas
  • Choose one and let us know who you chose!

FAQ: Do we hold "Meet the Doula" nights or "Speed dating for doulas?"

We do not hold these two kinds of events. While they make work for some parents, we have had parents express that it turns into a loud, high pressure type of event to get the "best doula" there. These types of events invite a kind of awkward energy like a jr. high dance - wondering if you will get chosen or if you are going to ask someone to dance but not knowing how to dance yet. Parents have said that the doulas have to spend their time "selling themselves" due to lack of time and they really don't have much interaction and quality time feeling it out for a good fit. We have had parents hire a doula because it looked as if everyone wanted a certain one, they assumed she was the best - only to hire her on the spot and were not happy with the match. Having to ask to get out of a contract and rehire someone else is more stress for the parents and the doula. Your babies birth is THE most important day of their life so far - you should not be on a time crunch or pressure to hire the perfect support within such a short time limit.

A doula interview should be at a location where you, the parents, are the most comfortable and the doula giving is able to give you her full attention. Birth is a most intimate and sacred event for your family  - it should be handled as such in all situations and meetings with the woman you are inviting to join you. 

For questions please email:

Doula Matching
We are happy to provide doula matching to help you in your search for the right doula. We have several doulas ranging from "brand new" to "well seasoned" to fit your needs. These doulas do not work for the BEC but are doulas we have come to know and trust with our parents. No matter where you find your doula - you should check into their certifying organizations to be sure they are trained and certified if it is listed. This is an unregulated industry and anyone can claim they are a doula. You should ensure that you are getting the service and experience you are paying for. If their site is not listing who they trained and certified with and there is not much in the "About Me" section you may want to keep looking. Also - check the price with the amount of births they have done. Experience is what you are paying for. 

Go to There you will find (3) Tiers of Doulas set by experience/price. You will be able to read their bios, go directly to their sites and be linked to their social media. These doulas have all taken the HypnoBirthing course(several of them teach it), have also taken an additional 30  hours of education with the Center and work as a group with no competition. They work together for our community and know they will be with the births they are to be attending. These are incredible women. 

Know that choosing a doula is more of a personality fit than a price range or a level of experience. This woman will be with you in your most vulnerable moments - can you be vulnerable with her? You will need too in order to enjoy the birth that you want.  

Doulas range in price according to experience, skill sets and professional trainings. Some doulas may have a higher fee if they are a massage therapist and may have to cancel clients on the day of your birth or if they have childcare expenses while they are away.  

Newer doulas($450-600)
Med experience($650-900)
Most experience($1000-1500)

A Monatrice is a doula with an extra skill set. She is usually an RN or a midwife and has the ability to check baby's heart tones, your temperature and check your dilation while at home. Their prices
range from $1900.00 to $3000.00. 

Most doulas can take payments but require 1/2 of fee at the time of contract signing. 

Services vary between doulas but you should get at least:

(2) prenatal visits at your home

24/7 email/phone "on call" service two weeks before your due date and two weeks after

Labor/Birth support

1-2 hrs postpartum support

1 Postpartum visit