San Diego HypnoBirthing



Education is the Key to a Positive Birth Experience

​Ashley Stetson


HypnoBirthing Practitioner, CD(DONA)Birth Doula, Multiples Expert

Hospital 101, Comfort Measures

Why I have Ashley on my team –

When I say jokingly in class that Ashley is 3/4 of my brain, I am not lying about that! Ashley has a way of keeping the 80,000 things going on in my brain at any given moment, compartmentalized organized and available for easy reference. As a mom of triplets, she comes with special skills to say the least! Her level of recall is bar none and her compassion with the struggles that families with multiples face, makes her one of our best resources for them. Her family dedication is impressive and I have always admired her insights into the souls of her children. She is also the first one to get there in the last one to leave for any

event or volunteer assignment. I am truly the lucky one.

Ashley is a Birth Doula and Certified HypnoBirthing Educator. Additionally, She has continued her education with the Birth Education Center Professional Doula Series (now teaches them), Breastfeeding for Doulas, From Womb to World with Anna Verwaal and Rebozo Certification. 

Ashley’s passion is to serve the expectant mother and her family. Her role is to support the mother physically, emotionally and spiritually. To help her achieve the childbirth experience she desires and support those who support her in the process. She is trained in positioning, acupressure and massage pain relief techniques, the processes of normal birth.She also has much experience in high risk pregnancy, multiples pregnancies, cesarean section and induction. She serves all women in their path to motherhood, not just those seeking medication free deliveries. But she is equipped with tools to aid those who do desire a less medicated childbirth experience. 

Ashley became a mother to spontaneous triplets in 2011. Their birth inspired her to join the childbirth community and help mothers achieve the birth experiences they deserve. She is passionate about childbirth. She wants all women to feel empowered and educated, encouraged to choose their childbirth path for themselves. She wants women to own their pregnancies and deliveries. To know that they themselves know what is best for their bodies and babies. She wants the partners to feel unconditionally supported in this journey, know that they are invaluable and that it is okay to feel unsure, that they are not alone. She is passionate about fostering the connection between the mother and her support team, so that babies are born into a room filled with love. She hopes to help women achieve the positive birth memories that they can carry with them forever.

Ashley was raised in San Diego and feels blessed to serve her home community.